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Building sexual integrity in spanish


Somos un equipo de esposo y esposa terapeutas con una fuerte pasión por preservar la integridad de las familias y los matrimonios. Hemos estado casados por casi tres décadas y comenzamos este recorrido muy temprano durante nuestro tiempo de noviazgo cuando nos dimos cuenta de lo limitado que era el material sobre intimidad y sexualidad (sobre todo en español). Comenzamos a leer, investigar, y acumular recursos hasta el día de hoy.

Creemos que es posible vivir vidas en integridad sexual y estamos comprometidos a compartir este mensaje a través de la terapia, recursos como libros, DVDs educacionales, conferencias, programas de radio y televisión, para nombrar algunos.


Danisa Suarez


Born in the Dominican Republic she moved to the United States with her husband, Jorge, 24 years ago. While raising their two children she worked alongside him as a teacher and as an administrator for his music ministry.  Her continuously growing passion to work with marriages led her to serve in that capacity for many years as a lay counselor and now professionally in a full time capacity. 

Danisa is an international speaker and her gifting to teach about human sexuality has opened important doors in the Hispanic world of television and radio.

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Jorge Suarez


A native of the Dominican Republic, Jorge studied piano and voice from an early age. He debuted his first piano solo at age 5, and by 16 was awarded second place in a national voice festival in his homeland. Through the music ministry, Jorge has had the opportunity to minister to masses internationally, including countries in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and the Caribbean. Jorge served as Worship Leader in Bible Studies for the United States Senate, where he had the privilege of working hand in hand with Senate Chaplain, Dr. Lloyd Ogilvie. Jorge has released six studio albums–in English, Spanish, and Italian.

In addition to his musical gifting as a singer/songwriter, Jorge has excelled professionally as an international speaker, and has projected through radio and television appearances. He and Danisa are co-hosts of their own original TV program, Sexo Divino (Divine Sex), airing Fall 2018 on TBN Spanish, Enlace.

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